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Hi, My name is Holly Helgeson.  Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing and designing patterns.  When I was a child, I used to impatiently wait for the “BIG” JCPenney and Sears catalogs to arrive at Christmas time, so I could design dresses for the models in the books.  However, my true love for fabric design came after I graduated high school and went to work for a wonderful designer.  I was privileged to work with many amazing women, all who inspired me and taught me about patterns, repeats and color.   This was the point in my life that my dream to one day have my own line of fabric was born.

After my first real design job, I went back to school for Graphic Design and worked several freelance design jobs along the way.   I spent many years developing my style and learning from other designers about what inspired them to create fabulous designs.   During this time, I also learned how to quilt.   Fabric and quilt stores became my hangout, and I would spend hours just looking through bolt after bolt of fabric for inspiration.

These days, if I am not running after my three goofy children, I am sketching and researching new designs and patterns.  I dream and breathe patterns.   It is pretty typical to find me with my nose in the latest fabric/pattern book, or sitting at my computer reading pattern blogs and writing for my blog.   Otherwise, I am searching out antique stores and flea markets with my hubby to see what kind of wonderful vintage fabric treasures I can find.  I just can’t pass up a piece of vintage fabric, and I love searching for inspiration in antique stores.   There are treasures to be found everywhere!

My signature style is playful and quirky with a hand drawn feel and lots of color. I am inspired by vintage fabrics, mid-century modern style, art deco architecture, geometric patterns, nature and hand drawn illustrations. Most of my designs are hand sketched with pen and then scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator for further manipulation and coloration. My designs are available for licensing and direct sale.  I can also be contacted for commissioned work at hollyhelgesondesigns@yahoo.com.

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