Saturday, September 24, 2016

Have a seat...

I am having some fun with mock-ups today.  It is always so thrilling to see my designs come to life!  The possibilities are endless with surface and pattern design!  It is my happy sweet spot!! Creating beautiful patterns that will be enjoyed by other people brings me so much joy!  This simple clean pattern adds some playfulness to this basic chair...don't you think?  I LOVE IT!

Southwest Sunshine

Isn't this adorable?!  I absolutely love this collection for a child's room.  Such fun and bright colors make a very cheery room.  I know my little cowgirl would really enjoy this collection in her room!  Goodness knows she has more than enough horsey stuffed animals and cowgirl doodads to compliment this theme! Enjoy y'all!

Just in time for fall...Introducing "Dorset"

 Elegant and sophisticated with a palette of fall colors.  This collection evolved from a single flower.  The big bloom top and center came from a sketch I did in an old book and from there "Dorset" emerged. Below are the sketches that inspired this collection.