Saturday, February 25, 2012

Popsicle Stick Showdown

Another freezing cold winter day stuck inside.  With temps only in the single digits...we needed a creative family activity to spark a little fun!  So...out came the popsicle sticks!  Little did I know that my family would turn this into a competition!  We spent over 3 hours cutting, gluing, stacking, and engineering these awesome structures.  My son Noah decided to build his own version of the Twin Towers...with a bridge.  Chris, my hubby spent most of the 3 hours building walls, which he then assembled into a towering structure.  I decided on a pretty little doll house.  My roof is still drying, but will soon find it's way atop the sweet little house.  Ironically, I brought the popsicle sticks home for my son Gabe..."The Builder".  However the glue just wasn't drying quick enough for him, so he abandoned ship to play with my daughter Ruby.  They had a good old time playing with markers, crayons and Barbies!  All in all...a great afternoon with the family!