Saturday, May 9, 2015

Butterflies for Lupus Showcase 2015

For the third year now, a fellow designer friend, Dawn Clarkson, has organized a "Butterflies for Lupus Showcase" to help increase awareness about the chronic autoimmune disease Lupus. Lupus can attack your tissues and organs causing a multitude of symptoms.  A rash on the cheeks in the form of a butterfly is a common symptom of Lupus, which is the reason Dawn chose the butterfly to showcase.  She will feature the butterflies on World Lupus Day, Sunday, May 10th on her blog NiceandFancy.  

This year Ruby and I collaborated on our butterfly designs. We both created our own butterflies and then colored them with the same color palette.  It was great to do this together and explain to Ruby the reason behind the showcase.  Here are our entries for Dawn's "Butterflies for Lupus Showcase".

Sunday, May 10th is World Lupus Day.  Please check out Dawn's blog, Nice & Fancy to learn more about Lupus, and to view the incredible "Butterfly Showcase" that she has assembled.