About Me

Holly Helgeson is a passionate designer, illustrator and licensed artist with an obsession for MidCentury Modern design. She has always had a deep passion for creating art. Some of her earliest memories involve an old cigar box full of peeled crayons and a roll of butcher block paper.

A true Midwestern girl, Holly grew up in beautiful Minnesota. There she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, but quickly found surface pattern design to be her calling and worked as an in-house designer for several years. For over 25 years she has cultivated her love for creating art to make a style uniquely her own. She still begins with putting pen to paper. Her focus is not on perfection of line strokes, but on seeing what emerges through the drawing process. Holly feels this technique gives her artwork a playful hand drawn quality that really defines her style.

Once she has filled a page or two in her sketchbook, she will scan them into Photoshop. This is where the magic happens...designs are cleaned up, patterns are put into repeat, and color is added! Holly loves color...bold, bright, happy color! (Side note....She doesn't have any white walls in her house...Holly doesn't just love color. She surrounds herself with it!) It is easy to see how the bold palettes and funky shapes found in much of Holly's work has been influenced by Mid-Century Modern designs. Described as having a vintage feeling and retro flare, her artwork is versatile enough for a wide range of products, from stationery and fabric to apparel and home decor products!

Holly's hope is that her art will bring a little bit of "happy" to others.

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