Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life on the Praire

One more design before I drag myself to bed.  I guess when the inspiration hits, sleep comes in second place.  (If you haven't noticed...I am on a nature kick)  Plants of all kinds, in all stages of life are beautiful...from the tiny seeds...to the shapely leaves...to the delicate petals...to the textured pods.  I am inspired by all of the endless shapes, colors, and textures.  I particularly love the plants and pods found in the prairie.  They are strong and beautiful, delicate and full of color.  This is my interpretation of life on the prairie.

Floral Frenzy

The beautiful warm day has sparked a Floral Frenzy!  Another design...painted many years ago...just modified. I added ink and enhanced the colors, then put it into a repeat in Photoshop.  Love how it turned out!  Can't wait for my garden to actually be in full bloom like this!  Now...I am heading outdoors to soak up some sun!!!  Enjoy your day!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Lil' Hedgehog

One more design before I sign off for the day.  I just couldn't help myself...this lil' critter has been rollin' around in my head and I just had to give him life.  He is one happy lil' hedgehog chillin' under a pretty lil' mushroom.  And on that note...

Garden Dreamin'

I have been IMPATIENTLY waiting on Mother Nature to make up her mind....Winter or Spring?!?!?!  However, we all know you can't RUSH Mother Nature.  So, I was inspired to paint since I could not get out and really dig in my garden yet.  This fun floral design was created using water colors and pen.  It was fun to watch the design evolve.  Once I painted the flowers, I scanned them into Photoshop and put them into a repeat.  I plan on entering this design into another fabric contest.  We will see what happens.  :)  I really enjoyed putting a little paint on paper, and continue to be inspired with each brush stroke!  Happy Gardening Everyone!!!