Sunday, December 18, 2016

Because it is -25 degrees outside...

 with a windchill of -50, and my car won't start, and I don't want to freeze my face off, and I am still in my PJ's, and I LOVE to design pretty patterns.  

I have been in full on Christmas mode lately and have had no time to draw or design.  So, I decided to take some time today...after making gingerbread houses with the sit down and get my design mojo on. My son Gabe even named this collection for me.  I think he picked the perfect name!  Hope this collection brings you a bit of warmth on this wintry day.  

I would also like to thank all of my wonderful followers for their support this year!  It is truly my passion to design beautiful patterns that will bring a smile to people everywhere!  May the joy and peace of Christmas surround you and your family!

Merry Christmas!!