Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Designs Inspired by Ireland

I was doing a great deal of research about Ireland while developing my design for the REPEAT(ed) competition.  My design kept evolving as I played around with various elements that I thought represented Ireland.  My designs were influenced by the beautiful landscape, culture and history, as well as the people of Ireland.  Here are a few of the designs that I created but did not enter.  Hope you like them.  :)

"Emerald Isle"

"Land and Sea"
These designs were inspired by the beautiful hills of Ireland and sea as far as the eye can see.

"Heart of Ireland"
This design (shown in three colorways) used elements of Irish lace, Ireland's Snow Drop Flower, Celtic Knots, and the petals of the Shamrock represented by the heart.


  1. The hearts of Ireland are stunning, Holly!
    You should put that up on spoonflower. I think you'd get lots of interest!

  2. Thank you Nicky! I am getting a bunch of designs ready now for swatches. Hoping to get it on Spoonflower soon! :)