Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pen Pals and Design Block

Do you ever have days where you just don't feel like you have a creative bone in your body, days that you just can't come up with any new designs, or the things you do create are just so so?  Well, lately I have had a bit of a block with pattern design.   So, to get my creativity flowing again I grabbed my sketch book and  started drawing and creating some adorable little characters.  

When I was a kid I used to create my own paper dolls, comic strips and cartoons all the time.  I would practice my technique by copying "Frank & Ernest" and "Garfield" comics from the Sunday newspaper.  And, from that practice I started developing my own characters and my own style.  

These sweet little friends have been playing around in my head for some time.  So, I grabbed a pen, decided to push through my design block, and gave life to them.  I have given each one of them a "colorful" name and collectively named them "Pen Pals".  I am thrilled with my new little friends and can't wait to draw more.  I have several more colors to add to this little group.  It seems my design block has taken a playful detour...and I am loving it!  


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    1. Yay!! Thank you Amy!! I am so glad. :)

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