Sunday, July 20, 2014


I love cats!  I have always loved cats!  For over 16 years, my husband and I had three lovable, frisky kitties that brought much joy to our lives.   They will always be fondly remembered.   Now, we have a dog.  Her name is Sally.  She too is very lovable and frisky.  However, at 50 lbs, she thinks she is a lap dog.  I beg to differ.  Still, we love her...even with all of her shedding.  But this post is about cats.  Someday we will have another cat...or two.  They are just so cuddly and quiet.  Cats can be sneaky, sly, frisky and playful...all at the same time.  They are self sufficient and smart.  I thoroughly enjoy watching their sassy, carefree personalities emerge.  Thus, my inspiration for my new collection of patterns is the sweet, loving, curious creature we call CATS.

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