Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"You just have to see it."

I had some shopping to do on Sunday, nothing fun, just the necessities. I left the kiddos home with the hubby so I could get in and out of the store quickly. On the way home, which is only about a two minute drive, I got a call from my hubby.
"You will never believe what your daughter did." he said.
To which I replied, "Is it bad, like markers on the wall bad?"
"You just have to see it. Don't worry, I will clean it up." he said
"What did she do? Where were you?" I asked
"I tried to stop her, but it was just too funny. So, I let her just have at it." he replied
The more I questioned, the more he just told me I had to see it to believe it. So, this is what I found when I got home. My little two year old the "Hoarder".  She felt so proud of her mess, but did manage to pick everything up...with a little help from Daddy. Sometimes, it is just best to let our children express their creative urges...sometimes. :)  By the way, that 'Toybox' used to be our bathroom.

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