Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fabric & Paper

I just can't get enough!!  Just ask my husband!  I have bins, boxes and shelves stock piled full of antique, vintage, retro and inspirational fabrics and papers!  I search out funky retro fabrics on ebay and head for the fabric stashes at antique stores.  I have drawing tablets full of shapes, doodles, and scribbles!  My 'Inspiration File' practically has its own zip code!  I LOVE DESIGN!!

After I graduated high school (20 years ago!!!), I was very blessed to have worked for an amazing woman who encouraged me to follow my artistic roots.  She owned a design studio that created fabrics, wallpaper and artwork for Target, JCPenneys and West Point Stevens to name a few.  I worked with 15+ other amazingly talented women, all with their own unique style.  I frequently look back to those days with fond memories!  It is without a doubt that my passion for fabric, paper and design was born.  Thank you Julie for nurturing and encouraging my artistic spirit!

I have been creating designs for my very own fabric line for as long as I can remember.  I pull inspiration from the outdoors, everyday objects and life in general all the time.  My husband has been so supportive of my dream.  I know how quickly the chapters of one's life pass by, so I have been putting off dedicating much time to my fabric line while my children have been small.  However, sometimes they allow me a few minutes to design and be creative (usually when they are watching a movie...or sleeping soundly).   So, I am making it my goal to have at least one of my fabric designs uploaded to by the end of the year.  More than one design would be icing on the cake...but for now, the cake would be GREAT!

I will post the link to my Spoonflower shop at soon as my first design is uploaded!  Stay tuned!

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