Saturday, October 8, 2016

Easing my way into colder weather with a snowdrop...

Well...with today's temps in the 40s, a bitter wind, and overcast skies, I suppose I need to accept that winter is fast approaching.  EEK...that four letter word "SNOW" just popped into my head.  Nope...not ready for that!  At this point I am just trying to trick myself into accepting the inevitable.  And, since I draw so much inspiration from nature, the SNOWdrop flower just naturally came to mind. It was really just my override feature kicking into gear!  :)  Fortunately, I really was inspired to create this lovely collection that I named Fiona.  I thought a cool (winter) palette would really make this collection come to life. At least I am trying to accept the change of seasons. Happy Saturday everyone!  :)

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